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Leading Richmond Virginia in Youth Mentoring and Outreach Development Programs

  • G.E.D. Preparation
  • Job Skills Training/Internship
  • Transportation

Mentoring Richmondís Youth through Outreach and Development Programs

Shinning Stars Youth Services fosters an environment where our directors and staff are excited about counseling and mentoring Richmondís youth on their dreams, goals and ambitions in order to properly develop and monitor the youth participantís path toward success. Mentoring Richmondís youth on their personal development plans is one of our top objectives. We have various youth development plans that outline youth development with small achievable benchmarks to help youth participants reach their desired goals. Our youth development programs are monitored by our skilled and experience youth service directors who provide mentoring to establish accountability and encouragement.

Our youth outreach programs and services continue to provide sound youth mentoring on priority health risk behaviors that contribute to morbidity and mortality among Richmondís youth and adults. Outreach development programs at Shining Stars directly address health issues regarding:

  • Tabacco Use
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Unintended Pregnancies
  • STDs
  • HIV
  • Obesity
  • Use of Weapons Such as Firearms
  • Physical Violence

Peer mentoring and peer association groups at Shining Stars encourage youth participants to stay involved. Young people are often receptive to information from their peers. We allow youth participants within our agency to be an ambassador of their constructive youth development experience, thus asserting positive peer pressure on their peers and mentoring them in the areas in which they have grown. This has been a successful from of youth outreach within our Richmond Virginia communities. Our youth volunteer programs encourage youth members to give back to their community. We also encourage outside youths to volunteer and get involved in the mentoring process within the organization to facilitated organic change within Shining Stars Youth Services.

The mentoring outreach programs we offer encompass solid principles that will allow the city of Richmond Virginia to raise-up a generation focused on developing themselves through effective mentoring. Our programs are enriched with youth development that builds up the individual from the inside out.