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Troubled Youth Programs

Shining Stars Youth Services defines a troubled youth as an adolescent or teen experiencing emotional or behavioral problems that impedes their ability to learn and be productive in a classroom and other social settings. As the leading youth service organization in Richmond Virginia we are focused on continuing to pave the way for troubled youths within our community.

One-on-One School Intervention Program for Troubled Youths

Our troubled youth program prides itself on creating relationships with Virginia’s educational community such as faculty and staff members in Richmond’s school system. Our Youth Intervention Program includes youth supervision and surveillance both inside and outside the classroom. The program will help prevent students under supervision from skipping classes, thereby improving their attendance. Our Youth Intervention Program also allows Shining Star youth directors to create and build relationships with supervised participants.

The goal of our Troubled Youth Program is not only to improve the classroom performance of the student under supervision, but also to mentor and build a rapport in the process. Our youth organization establishes trust between the director and the youth participant, rather than being an authoritative figure that troubled kids are use to rebelling against.

Monitoring the youth’s progress is extremely important for the all parties involved including parents, youth agencies requesting our services and our Troubled Youth Program directors. Daily progress reports along with a weekly evaluation reports will be performed for each youth participant. Our School Intervention Youth Program allows our directors to reach other troubled Richmond kids, such as acquaintances of the youth participating in the evaluation program. Once our directors get involved and are able to obtain access to the social settings within the Richmond school systems they will be better able to identify various patterns of behavior and critique their intervention process as needed.