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At-Risk Youth Advocate Services

Shinning Stars Youth Services offers programs that specialize in the development of at-risk youths in Richmond Virginia, while transforming their lives through persistent and compassionate mentoring. Our youth development services define at-risk youths as adolescents or teens experiencing acute behavioral problems, causing them to be a safety liability to both themselves and others. At-risk youths often have been incarcerated in a juvenile facility and are often labeled as a menace to our society.

Shinning Stars Youth Advocate Program directors believe that there is hope for the young generation of America. Our at-risk youth services focuses primarily on using teen incarceration prevention skills and suicide prevention skills to educate Richmondís at-risk youths in overcoming the barriers within their communities and families.

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of 15-24 and six leading cause of death between the ages of 5-15

  • Juveniles are involved as victims or offenders in 38% of all violent crimes in which the victim could estimate the age of the offender(s)

Our Youth Advocate Services promote self worth by assessing the desires and the gifts of Richmondís at-risk youths, while properly matching those attributes to real life vocational skills. We're an advocate of teaching job readiness skills and demonstrating to our youth participants how to live an effective and gratifying life.

Our youth development services result in restoring families and communities by working from the inside-out. We have a blue-print process that builds-up our young generation from the core. Youths participating in our At-Risk Youth Advocate program leave with a rejuvenated spirit about them, ready to give back to their community what was given to them: hope and the desire to be the best despite the odds set against them. Shining Stars Youth Services are always looking for opportunities in youth development within the communities of Richmond Virginia.