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Leading Richmond Virginia in Youth Service Programs

  • G.E.D. Preparation
  • Job Skills Training/Internship
  • Transportation

Youth Organization Service Programs for Richmond Virginia

Shining Stars Youth Services prides itself in having a positive effect on Richmondís youth by starting with the framework of the individual. Through our diverse programs we are able to effectuate change through services that create a foundation for values, ethics, goals and positive reinforcement.

Revitalizing and impacting the fabric of Richmond Virginiaís community is our number one priority. Not only do we continue to build strong relationships between youth and families, but we also create relationships and alliances with other social service organizations and law enforcement agencies to foster a cohesive effort to accomplish a common goal. Our youth services programs aid the community in decreasing the number of juvenile curfew and youth violations along with promoting education within Richmondís school system to build a stronger desire to learn.

Richmond Virginia has been longing for a young community that takes responsibility for transforming the future of their community. Our youth service programs provide building blocks for higher education. We prepare our youth participants how to properly communicate both orally and in writing, while providing tutoring and mentoring services to increase their scholastic aptitude. As part of Shining Stars desire to train and be an advocate of higher education we have programs that offer basic computer training and life skills that allow our youth to be a productive member of their society.

Shining Stars Youth Services is an advocate of reducing the crime rate in the city of Richmond by focusing on societyís youth. As the leading youth organization in Richmond Virginia we recognize that the youth is our future and a positive effect on them will result a renewed society. We also recognize what motivates and drives our youth to make poor decisions. Boredom along with the desire to be accepted and identifying with somebody is the leading cause for gang involvement. Our youth programs do an excellent job in curbing such desires through healthy competitive team building workshops.

Our Youth Services Programs

  • Mentoring Richmondís Youth
    • Assisting them in correcting inappropriate behaviors, goal setting and redirecting of energies through positive activities and peer association

  • Youth Intervention
    • One-on-one school intervention to provide escort and assistance for students in the educational setting who are need of constant supervision during the school day

  • Youth Advocate Surveillance Services
    • 24 hour surprise monitoring to youths who have been confined to home or group housing

Pricing Power

Our youth service organization offers affordable rates that are competitive with existing youth service organizations in Richmond Virginia. We provide services at a cost that is reasonable and negotiable for municipal, public and private agencies that are operating within budget constraints. Contact Us for a price quote.